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one this 20-year-old woke up this morning, stole his mother's car, and drove to the elementary school where she worked as a can earn teacher. ryan lanza then opened fire at inside this kindergarten classroom, killing 26 people.
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schools principal among the victims as well. then ryan lanza turned the gun himself. today, the loss of innocent young lives will ovrshadow our lives for days. our hearts and prayers go out to the victims, to their families, and to their friends and the community of newtown, connecticut. nearly all of the senators and congress have left washington dc. from all over the country, there were outpouring of condolences and sympathy and there were senators and congressmen who sent out statements calling for gun control. in some cases with no political desions by many to politicize the tragedy. here are some of their names and what they said. congressman bobby rush said lawmakers can no longer be hel hostage by those who are opposed to reasonable gun control laws.
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congressman eliot engel of new york, the fact that we cannot pass sensible gun control in this congress is a blot on her reputation. and congressmen jery nadler saying that now is not the time to have a serious discussion abouand control, if not now, when would it be? at least 20 members of congress reacting with calls to restrict constitutional rights to bear arms. all over those calls coming from members of the democratic party. here is the number who chose to talk about mental illness. the disaffection of the mentally disturbed and ill. the importance of a strong family and how better to protect our schools, the burnable and helpless children with in those classrooms. those who threaten the safety of her children while at school.
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we begin with a september 11, murder of four americans in benghazi. susan rice yesterday withdrew her name from consideration to be secretary of state. the move comes after weeks of criticism over comments that she made regarding the attack in benghazi, and an interview with brian williams, ambassador rice was asked if she was blameless for the controversy. >> i don't think that anybody is ever wholly blameless. but i didn't do anything wrong. i didn't mislead. i did not misrepresent. i did the best with the information that the united states government had at the time. lou: here is what ambassador rice did say. on september 16, only five days after benghazi meant to the best informatn and best assessment we have today, is that, in fact, this was not a pre-planned or premeditated attack.
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that would have been initially was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, egypt. as a consequence of the video. >> as she said, no one has been blameless. joining us now is the fox news middle east analyst. it is great to have you th u. what is your reaction first to her claim that she did not misrepresent and did not, if you will, lie about what happened in benghazi? >> she may be stating that the diversion of national security and the version given to her -- she said she did not commit a live with the american public knowing that it is. on the other hand, there was an assessment made in washington prior to that, the next two hours ter the attack, saying clearly that this was a
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terrorist attack by armed people. in between the two, there is a political decision not to tell the truth as to what happened for political reasons. that is something that the ambassador cannot get out of. it would be in and also looking at everything that has happened before. it would have been in congre, and that is not something that's going to change the decision by congress. lou: i know that in washington dc there is a view strongly held by many. but a parallel view of the universe, although unrelated to the one in which we live, authorized by a letimate government authority, therefore it is correct. the ambassador, she is likely to be the next nationalecurity visor to the president. she will remain on s "a-tam".@
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who will remain secretary of state? >> we do not know. we he no names. the next secretary of state needs have a good understanding of the region in all regions from north korea all the way to libya. with what is happening now, in egypt, the earthquake that will begin as of tomorrow with the passing of a referendum would be civil war in syria. ththe unfinished business betwen gaza and israel. the possibility in the next year or so, ron is going to tell us that they are nuclear now. the next secretary of state needs to be on who is very much well educated on what has happened. otherwise you'll end up with much bigger benghazi problems. lou: you mentioned the constitutional referendum tomorrow. it will take some time for that would support for president mohammed morsi we be judgment for what constitution should look like. will he prevail? will he come at the end of the
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process,rocess the powers that he claimed for himself two years ago, of which he has since relinquished? >> unfortunately, my answer is going to be yes. one is saying that we need to reject the referendum, the other part is saying no, we want to boycott. so now they are divided. the result is going to be the muslim brotherhood and president morsi is most likely going to win the referendum. on the other hand, the opposition is very strong in egypt. there is no return to the previous situation. what i suggest in the future is that mohammed morsi will win the refendumtry tooit establish an islamic state, he will see strong opposition for months and months. lou: moving quickly to syria as we wrap up. russia today -- from the deputy
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foreign minister, basically saying that they have acknowledged that bashar al-assad has been losing power and that his departure is a foregone conclusion. suddenly they are talking about strong support for bashar al-assad and making it very clear that they firmly support his regime. >> the russians cannot let go. he is an allied to iran and some are anti-american. what i see now is that the civil war in syria is going to grow, unfortunntely. an opposition that cannot bring him down very fast. lou: as always, thank you for being with us. thank you. lou: much more on the obama administration's foreign-policy in the middle middle east. the "a-team" towards us coming
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up. federal workers are thriving in the obama economy with record paid benefits. far outpacing government workers. it seems that government workers still unhappy. unions upset with the new reality of coworker reform. alan wilson joins us and tells us why they should be cheering us why they should be cheering you right to work
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man: constant tingling in my toes. woman: i had double vision. woman: ty said, "you have multiple sclerosis." man: i kind of had to get a grasp on reality. man: i had to adapt and change very rapidly. woman: i had to learn how to drive with my hands -- yeah, that was interesting. man: a symptom may cause you not to be able to do that anymore, and at one point, i was able to do any of those. man: since've been cycling, it's defitely helped my walking. woman: it's a fantastic opportunity to be working together with a common goal of curing ms, and sharing is the key.
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lou: michele obama saying that voter suppression was in full force. in so many states around the country. the first lady, however citing a
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specific, and it prompted judicial watch president to issue the following statement. this is obama's accusations about minority votes. it shows a dangerous disregard for the truth. we are aware of no evidence of voter suppression. by the way, we have not heard from the justice department one thing at all, mr. eric holder's history that we certainly would have if there had been any incidents of voter suppression. guest defenses stte's top voter id law. saying that it is a paramount issue of importance that we protect the elector process and ensure that voter fraud is eliminated. joining us now is alan wilson, attorney general of south carolina. great to have you with us. what is your reaction to what thfirst lady had to say?
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>> obviously, i disagree with the first lady. in every state i have looked back, more specifically georgette and iniana, one is a section five state and the other is not. when they have passed las requiring photo id for the voter registration card, minority participation went up in subsequent elections. [talking over each other] lou: we need to make it clear to everybody that when you talk about the five states, those are states that because of civil rights transgressions, 60 years ago were 50 years ago -- they still remain under the watchful eye of the justice department for any revision in the electoral laws andprocedures. is that right? >> absolutely. some states have asked the federal government's permission before they implement a law that affects elections. but in any state, minority participation actually went up in the state of georgia. over 40% in 2004 to 2008. there has not been one
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allegation were one court case by the federal government for any challenges in any state law where they have alleged voter suppression were shown that there has been voter suppression. it is unfounded. lou: absolutely fascinating. the right to work state, the newest is the state of michigan. if any state was emblematic of organized labor in this country, it has to be the state of michigan, moving in the direction of north carolina and 23 other states as well. this is starting to look like a serious shift historically. perhaps the entire nation becoming brightwork. >> i agree with that. i agree with that because you see 91010 states.
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especially michigan. lou: insurance exchanges states are deciding whether to create insurance for themselves or -- i don't know whether to call them architects are what obamacare -- these insurance exchanges are not happening. eighteen states plus washington dc are the only ones who have declared that he they will set their own exchanges under obamacare. by my math, that leaves 25. we are going to leave it up to the government. that is remarkable. >> i was proud to be part of a 26 a coalition that led the fight against this health care lawsuit to this report. we were able to carve t the ability for states to opt out. i am proud of governor nikki
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haley for deciding to opt out of this. this huge fiscal cliff is going to create for south carolina as far as obamacare is concerned that. lou: for millions of americans, many of hom have thanks in part to the national liberal media, millions of americans don't even know that they are have about $260 worth of obamacare taxes beginning january 1, on everything from medical devices to additional surtax is on investment income. it is about half the size of the fiscal cliff, if you will, tax hikes that could well be added to them is the year finishes the way that we stand right now. >> absolutely. i would like to add one other thing. if you read the affordable care act, many of the onerous mandates about obamacare were exempted.
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they looking out -- lou: republicans looking out for more people. your groun operation could have been exemplary too. you don't see that as fair and equitable? >> no, shame on the republican party for not doing this in washington dc. we did our part. we challenged on constitutional grounds. unfortunately we didn't quite get it off the. lou: more lawsuits to come. great to have you with us. attorney general alan wilson from south carolina. thank you for being with us. breitbart and americans for limited government, which reveals that americans are putting a 5 million-dollar bill for the salaries of 35 ut officials who are at the department of transportation.
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eight of the union bosses on the taxpayer payroll of the department of transportation made more than $170,000 per year. only three of them make under $100,000 per year. the average taxpayer funded union boss salary is 138 grand per year. not bad. federal workers may have a better ellery and benefits and more vacation days than the private sector counterparts. but a new poll finds that job satisfaction among those working in the federal government is down sharply this year. according to deloitte, federal employee satisfaction dropped since they started conducting the survey back in 2003. th named the department of homeland security and the department of veterans affairs as two of the worst agencies in which to work. the best, the intelligence community. also an asset.
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the fiscal cliff and apple. that's coming up. and the president scoffing at the notion he was elected. the president says he would be looked upon much differently. if only we could go back in time. ed rollins joins us to talk about the fiscal cliff from the future of the republican party, and oh, yes, going back in time and we will give the president an accounting of how he would look circa 1985. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪
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at your local 7,000 students drop out every school day. that's a line of desks more than 4 miles long. keep students in school. visit and take the first step. the one well, the president and the speaker matt. they apparently wrote no new vistas of opportunity to resolve the fiscal cliff. we will be taking th up with ed rollins next. president reagan's former political director. let's turn the wall street in
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moneyline. washington, what will it be able to resolve? concerns over inflation and other important economic reports. a big decline in gasoline prices last month. year-over-year inflation running a 20%. investors backing away from stocks. the s&p is down six points from the nasdaq lost 21. on the big board, just under 3 billion shares for the week. the dow jones down 23 points. the s&p up 4.5. nasdaq is down seven ties -- seven points. the iphone is havi less than enthusiastic reception.
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additionally, news thata federal jury found apple infringed upon free patterns, owned by mobile media ideas, a joint venture of gnocchi at and sunny. no word on how much apple would have to pay. crude oil and news of an increase of industrial production in china and the united states. a barrel of oil now just under $87. eighteen days from the fiscal cliff. the presidenlooking back, addressing claims that he wants to create a socialist system in this country. the president saying if he had been president 25 years ago, there would be a shockingly different view of him and his politics. >> the truth of the matter is that my policies are so mainstream that if i had sid
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the same policies, i have had been considered a moderate republican back then. lou: i don't know whether he believes that or not. it s great have a team with us. >> i'm not sure he could have gotten elected 25 years ago as a kid. obviously, he was pretty social step backward in time. lou: he says he has outgrown all that. >> by the definition of what you are, he is pretty left-sided as far as i'm concerned the. lou: the idea that the president came back in the so-called negotiations. it is either a farce of this
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process or whatever you want to call it -- but telling speaker boehner that all he really wants your is $1.6 trillion in tax breaks, and oh, yeah, he will give away a net $600 billion in spending cuts if he could find it or if he could use retroactive accounting. i mean, would reagan ever taken a deal like that? or did he take a deal like that? >> he didn't take a deal like this. there there's a piece in "the washington post" talks about ronald reagan, david stockman, some of the people that basically meant they misled the president on this. they said i'm going to give them a dollar in tax increases and they said absolutely. everyday, there are new numbers and everyday there are different things. and stockton said that never really counted. the truth is if you really want to be specific and you want to make cuts, you need to do good things to move this deficit in a
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downward position. speaker boehner should not give up on anything until he sees a piece of paper signed by the president of the united states, saying that this is the deal. lou: i don't see how there could be any trust at all between these two men. as you say, nothing less than a signed deal. the house issgoing to get run over. >> equally as important, you have the chairman of the ways and means committee, paul ryan paul ryan is the budget, you can have anybody from the senate, you have to basically sit down and do this in a very serious way. the fiscal cliff come as you have said, it is a man-made crisis. it is not a real crisis we want it is only one man, this president who put forward an
11:30 pm
ultimatum demanding taxes on what he calls the wealthy. you haven't got a crisis, but an opportunity to work together. when the president delivers an ultimatum like a dictator in a third world country instead of to the congress of the united states, the house of the people -- i mean, we have lost our way here, haven't we? >> yes, we definitely have. those republicans that got reelted, and the ones i got elected -- basically said they were not going to raise taxes. they have a fiscal plan. the fiscal plan means that you want to bring down the trillion dollar per year deficit. we want to get to the point where you have fiscal stability in this country. at this point in time, we are just playing games, and i think it is foolish to the economy in such a crisis. lou: you can take the speaker boehner plan, they obama plan, no plan. both of these plans as they are
11:31 pm
enunciated right now result in 10 years from now, just about a $25.5 trillion national debt. that is not much of a plan. [laughter] ed rollins, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. lou: much more on the fiscal cliff, the games being played by the president and the congress. we will take that up with the "a-team" coming up next. and ambassador rice will not be secretary of state. after meeting with the president, she is still on the obama"a-team." the lou dobbs "a-team" is next. the vice president has been in hiding since the election. fortunately, there is a long list of standards making a name and saying just plain stupid remarks. the stupid list is coming right up. end of its wrote.
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and an unspeakable tragedy at the school in sandy hook. >> i only ask that all of our fellow citizens in the united states and around the world that have offered assistance to remember the victims. remember the victims. lou: a deeply disturbed [beep] [indistinct chatter]
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lou: the nation tonight mourns the senseless massacre in newtown, connecticut. this candle lightville jill in washington, d.c., one of many taking place around the country. he reportedlyshot his mother at her moment, before he then went to the school at which she taught and opened fire.
11:36 pm
twentity-six murdered before he turned the gun on himself, twenty of the victims children. fox news confirms the three weapons used were legally purchased and legally registered to lanza's mother. joining us now, psychotherapist robby, ludwig, and we talkedded about these killings far too much. in this instance, young, i mean, talking 5-year-old children, makes it all the more tragic p p >> right, and, i mean, sometimes what we see is these spree killers target children because they are an easy mark, and they know it's such a heinous crime. they target people during the workweek. they target them during work hours because they know that they can get the most amount of people during that time. there's always a connection. there's always some straw that broke the camel's back, always
11:37 pm
some major rejection that this individual can't tolerate, and the way they handle it is by targeting somebody that means something to them so what did the school mean to this particular shooter? what did the children mean? lou: and to kill his mothe that, in itself, and that is the beginning of the spree, as you described p -- described it. >> right, yeah. lou: that led to the murder of e children and six others. >> this is a killing of one's mother. he was an adult. he was not a child. that changes the dynamics of. lou: we had -- we reported at the outset, so many politicians, elected officials, primarily congressmen, but senators as well, with and literally within the hour, sending out statements from their district at home
11:38 pm
offices decrying guns and insisting upon gun control without knowing anything about it without a decent interval between the senseless deaths, these tragic deaths, and this to -- tragedy. >> don't confus responsible gun ownership with this type of heinous crime. they are not one in the same, but we certainly want to make sure if people legally own guns, and especially if they had somebody who is ill in the home, make sure it's lockedded away. lou: absolutely. >> make sure there's no access to the guns because it's, you know, someone who's not well has access to a gun, they can use it. >> as dr. ludwig is saying, we have reports that this young man had -- was mentally disturbed, had mental illness of some form, we do not know what, his brother
11:39 pm
describing him and others being reported as, the man displaying obsessive-compulsive behavior. i have to tell you as a layman is, i can't tell you what obsessive-compulsive is, but a troubled young man. >> someone who is obsessive-compulsive is fix sated on a thought or idea. in this case, you wonder if he was fixuated on an idea of violence. we don't know the details behind the story. was there an argument with his mother? envious of the kids his mother was teaching? feel they were getting something from his mother that he couldn't? all of these things he was not able to put into words, and that he acted out upon, and clearly, he's a very rageful, was a very rageful man. people who engage in spree killings, they are angry with the world. lou: as we look at days ahead,
11:40 pm
no of the senators talked about the importance to assess in the community those who are troubled, disturbed. the importance of a strong family and support for individuals wh do have mental illness. for that matter, stong mat families for all of us. this seems to be certainly well above concerns about gun control. >> well, look, we have to consider that. certainly, but, what about, also, not demonizing people with ntal health issues? destigmatizeing them and making it okay for people to get treatment when they need to. th would certainly help if we made it okay for families to identify people who are ill and potentially dangerous and making access to health okay or just teaching people to be supportive of each other when they have a range of feelings. lou: yeah. i think, personally, my
11:41 pm
experience has been that we are, as a society, willing to embrace those who are mentally ill, care for them, and understand the illness. we are less so to allow our lives to be interfered with in providing support to those who desperately need i in our own families and circle of friends and community. >> absolutely, it will make a difference, it will. lou: you always a make a difference. thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: one says his party will never run out of things to tax or try to tax. we'll share that wit you. up next week, senator john barasso joins us, and moody's chief economist onhe fiscal iff. that's rights, it nears. join us for that next week. stay with us tonight. our first edition of the stupid list is next, and it is long. úúú
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lou: there a common threat running through some of the day's headlines, so we cal this element of our broadcast "the stupid list," and first up two msnbc host who blame susan rice's troubles on conservative news outle and racism, of course. >> it's not going to help that a woman, and a woman of color was forced out of a confirmation process before nominated. >> became a victim of this. there's now advocacy journalism or media, "jumpism" is not the right word, but media that based republican politics are sensitive to, and elected officials are reactive to. lou: the first black secretary of state was republican; right? i'm sure they know. dan rather says president obama showed weakness not fighting harder for ambassador rice.
11:46 pm
>> talk is cheap. it's what you do that counts. what happened today plays into the perception, the perception growing among the republicans that a street language, president obama can be rogue for his wallet and his watch. he's not a guy who puts up a fight. lou: a love that, that rather thinkst that's street language. we doubt the top 2% of taxpayers agree on that statement irrespective. another tax happy democrat and his thoughts. congressman blumenhour of oregon wrote a bill how government can tax cars by the mile. this idea, and i don't want to say it's stupid, but it is, and it's not even original. a mileage tax program was proposed twice last year. that's how bad that one is. the last spot on the list goes to espn commentator rob parker,
11:47 pm
the former detroit news coal imu.s. yesterday questioned the blackness of washington red skins robert griffin iii claiming he was not authentic. >> i keep hearing things, we all know he has a white fiance, talk about he's a republican. he's not really, okay. he's black, does the thing, but he's not really down with the cause. he's not one of us. he's kind of black. he's in the -- he's not really, like, the guy you want to hang out because he's off to something else. lou: espn suspended parker indefinitely, and to be honest with you, i think we would miss him, don't you? ambassador rice questioning contributics about false statements on bennghazi, the a-team takes it up and more. doug shone, angela, join us next. @8
11:51 pm
lou: on a day of national tragedy, we remember another one. today is the two-year anniversary of the death of border patrol agent bryan terry murdered in a shootout on the arizona-mexican border. two weapons found at the scene were from the justice department's fast and furious, presumed his assaillants were smuggers of illegal immigrants. joining me now is doug shone, former speech writer to copped lee -- condoleezza rice, fox news contributor, angela, an let's start with, first of all, these
11:52 pm
cas gun controls within the hour of the tragedy occurring. your thoughts, doug? >> well, i'm of two minds. lou: okay. >> as a supporter f gun patrol, i understand it and accept it. on the other hand, in an hour or two of the aftermath of this, you want to pull together and get with the family and your family rather than focusing on political solutions no matter how right they may be. the psident this afternoon, some decent interval, after it took place, reiterating his preface for gun control. bobby rush, who defeatedthe president, angela, is crying for gun control in chicago where -- the murder capital of the country which has thee most stringt gun control laws of any city in the country, and that's madness. >> it is madness right now. i mean, dc, in this city, proven
11:53 pm
that gun bans don't decrease crime, but increase crime. gun bans, lou, make law-abiding citizens le armed and criminals armed who don't buy y the law. the guns criminals use don't get them at gun shows; they are illegal guns they use. lou: the idea that gun control is the solution, the response, and the fact chicago, the murder capital of the world, people are reagenting and not talking about why are we not protecting our young, our vulnerable in public schools. why not security? they could be volunteers, paid security officers. they could be police, law enforcement officers. why not that discussion? i don't like the response at all, but something like this happens, the media says what can we do to stop this right now? that's the natural, i think,
11:54 pm
instincton the democratic side. i'm not for gun control, but what happened today was such a horribe -- >> don't we have to have a dialogue about it? >> exactly. what -- i don't think that just anyone should be ae to go uy a gun without a background i just don't. look at what happened today. >> if you look at switzerland and israel where they don't have gun laws, they have he lowest murder rates. look at israel. people carry guns around on their shoulders. it's not -- >> it's not guns people killing people, it's the eople killing people. >> they don't have any gun laws. you see what i'm saying? it's not banning guns that's going to make a change. we need a dialogue? yes. going against second amendment, it's not solving anything. lou: andrea mitchell addressing the issue of ambassador rice and insisting, again, on attaching a racial motivation to the
11:55 pm
legitimate furry and a representative armed government lying to the american people. then dismissing it as a matter of color. could show be more insulted? >> well, she couldn't be more wrong. i mean, ambassador rice withdrew, said herself she saw her nomination would be controversial, not only because of the the tragedy in libya, but her actions and support for dictators in africa when she was the assistant sec secetary. nothing to do with race, lou. lou: angela? >> listen, lou, it's what liberals do best. controversial like this brings out the vick testimonihood vendors, and wait until what al sharpton has to say, they race bait bringing out emotion rather than looking at what susan rice did. i mean, it's their own fault, but they blame racists, white
11:56 pm
republicans saying they are going against herbecause she's a black woman and it's bad for the g.o.p.. lou: maybe there's a racial component to the fiscal cliff that's eluded. what do you think? >> i don't know about that. i still, though, am very upset over benghazi. i can't believe -- it's amazing how hillary clinton has been able to just skirt away, not have any accountability over what happened. >> i must say i think the real message tonight is with a tragedy like this, hopefully it renews calls for cooperation bipartisanship, and an ability to solve our problems. lou:ou think secretary clinton will show up on the 20th of this month, next week, and deas a rule j fully and -- deas avulge all the details? you think the day is dawning? >> i hope i does, but i tell you, lou, i doubt, given the politics of it, that she will.
11:57 pm
a tragedy rather than a political controversy. >> well, luckily, your wishes may come true some day. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, thank you. that's all for us tonight. we hope you have a very good weekend. it's a week coming at us, the fiscal cliff. i'm sure it's resolved tuesday or wednesday maybe? we appreciate you being with us tonight. as i said, have a great weekend. good night from new york. good night from new york. ♪ [beep] [indistinct chatter]
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